Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being an Overcomer

       This coming Saturday, our Ignite Service will be about overcoming fear and pride. Do you have fear & pride in your life? Maybe at a quick glance, most of us don't seem to have these. We aren't cowering in a corner out of fear and we aren't prancing around proudly with our noses stuck in the air. Yeah, we're just common people...
       But sorry to say, it's not that easy. You're going to have to look a little deeper. Why? Because like it or not, we have a fierce Enemy fighting against us and telling us lies. And he isn't called the Great Deceiver for no reason. He deceives us by convincing us to be scared of things we shouldn't be. He deceives us by telling us we're good enough to go through life on our own. You have to realize that these ideas aren't obvious in our lives. They've been implanted in our minds by the most kniving guy ever. And if you want to find more freedom in Christ--and I think we ALL do, then it's going to require some serious help.
        I encourage you to take some time in the next few days to sit down and talk with the Lord to ask Him to reveal some things for you. He would  LOVE to help you out! Ask Him to reveal the fear and the pride you have in your life. How is Jesus asking you to trust Him more and surrender your apprehensions? What areas are Jesus showing you that you actually think you will be okay to handle on your own?
       Tell Him that you want to live completely free in Him and that you want to be more aware of the lies the Enemy is trying to use against you. Ask Him to give you truth and righteousness and the gospel of peace and faith and salvation and the Word of God! (Sound familiar?? Eph. 6:10-17)
       And PLEASE come to HOME this Saturday, August 4th, at 6:30pm for a time of fellowship, worship, and learning how to be an overcomer! Hope to see you there! :) Remember--ALL are welcome!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Delightful Promise!

God LOVES when His people participate in His Kingdom work. Yes, He can do it all by Himself, but He earnestly desires for YOU to take part. BECAUSE He loves us so much, He won't do what we are fully capabale of doing ourselves (with His Holy Spirit dwelling inside us, of course!) He knows this is not so comfortable at first. But He also knows what is best for us (better than we do!) And a perfectly loving Father always does what is best for His children. So I say that we believe that Truth and accept His invitation to WHOLEHEARTEDLY take part in His Kingdom work.

HOME is a place to take part in the Kingdom work of interceding prayer. Do you fully believe the Truth that YOUR specific prayers are important and necessary?? That they ARE heard and they DELIGHT God's heart? Praying is not just something we should do because the Bible says so. We pray because it delights God's heart!

Think about this way--if a wife talks to her husband only because she needs something from him or because it's what a good wife does, she will talk to him for a while, but eventually may very well lose heart. If she talks to him because she knows how much he delights in hearing her voice and talking with her, she will continue to talk to him day in and day out. Even in times of trial or when she doesn't feel his delight, she can persevere through by remembering that Truth. Sometimes she might talk to him only because she needs something or because she feels like she should, but eventually the Truth that he delights in her will come through again. Do you believe this is true that your Bridegroom delights in YOU as well? Ask God to reveal more of this truth to you. He'd LOVE to help you understand.

So you want to intercede, but maybe aren't sure what to pray? An excellent way you can intercede is by praying into the promises that God gives us throughout the Bible. The Old Testament prophets list promise after promise of what is on its way for God's people. (Check out Isaiah & Joel & Hosea & Micah...you name it!) And don't stop there--it's all over the New Testament, too. Throughout His Word, God is telling us what to pray for His people so we can pray it back to Him. This isn't taking the easy way out by not coming up with your own prayers or something. God made it easy for us in order to shame the wordly "wise." Check out 1 Cor. 1:18-31. Isn't that kind of Him?? :) Just believe the Truths that the Bridegroom desires for His Bride and tell Him that you want those promises to come!!.
      For example...Isaiah 62. This is a prayer for all God's people everywhere. This is a prayer for you individually, for your family, for Sioux Center, for Iowa, for the USA, and for the world! Tell God that you want to believe His promises in Isaiah 62 more. That you want ALL His people to understand His promises more. Remind yourself again and again that "the Lord delights in you and will claim you as His Bride!" (vs. 4-5) Repeat it in your mind until it sinks deep into your heart. Until you KNOW & understand it rather than just know about it.
       Notice what follows in vs. 6&7? YOU are part of the watchmen that pray to the Lord! "Give the Lord no rest until He complete His work!" AKA--Don't stop praying back these promises until they come true. And you won't stop (vs. 7) when you understand that the Lord delights in you (vs. 4) It goes in that order for a reason. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Pray Ten Times More!!

      On Saturday night, Bret Engelkes gave a teaching on prayer for our IGNITE service. For those of you who missed it, he gave some excellent, practical ideas for how we can pray. One of his suggestions was to have a prayer list, saying that you will pray ten times more than without one. They simply help add structure to your prayers and ensure that you don't forget anyone or anything during your prayer time!
      The one Bret went through was called the T-R-U-S-T prayer. If you click the link you'll find condensed versions of that one along with another one called FELLOWSHIP. If you desire a deeper connection with Christ, these are an excellent place to start. Both of the lists have a sermon to go with them providing further instructions. The sermon links are under the lists.

If you feel the Holy Spirit knocking on your heart, telling you that He wants deeper intimacy with you, NOW is the time to start. Please don't wait--accept His invitation.  I encourage you to print this off and put it in your Bible to use each morning in your time with God. You won't ever regret it. I promise! :)

Here's the link!! Prayer List

Monday, July 2, 2012


I don't know if you've noticed that we're in a bit of a drought. We need some rain!!
Here's an idea: Whenever you ask for some natural rain to pour down in this area, you can ask for some spiritual rain, too!
Take a look at Psalm 63:1-5...try praying the words back to God as a prayer for yourself, your family & friends, the people of Sioux Center, Northwest Iowa, the United States and beyond!

"O God, You are our God; 
    May we earnestly search for You!
May our souls thirst for You;
    May our whole bodies long for You
in this parched and weary land 
     where there is no water.
May we see you in Your sanctuary
     and gaze upon Your power and glory
Let us always remember that Your unfailing love is better than life itself;
      how we praise You!
May we praise You as long as we live,
      lifting up our hands to You in prayer.
May You satisfy us more than the richest feast.
      We will praise You with songs of joy."

Don't stop here! Check out some other Psalms or Apostolic Prayers and pray-read those, too. Don't know what Apostolic Prayers are? Basically they're prayers throughout the New Testament that apostles prayed for the Body of Christ. HOME has a list of them in the Prayer Room on the West wall. Come check 'em out!