Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saturday Help!

Hello Friends -

We're ready for CARPET!!!!  Praise God! 

We are laying carpet squares on Saturday starting at 8 am.  We could use a variety of skill levels.  If you are able to life a carpet square and hand it to someone, we could use you....  If you are able to lay the carpet down in a square fashion, we need you.  If you can smear on the glue for the carpet... we need you.

And if you can't do any of those... we still have some cleaning that can be done:-) 

We'll be dividing into teams and attempting to get a BIG chunk of this done this weekend! 

Friday night, many of us will be at the Katelyn's Fund Auction supporting them, so no work! 

PLEASE let us know if you are going to be able to help out so we can plan well and make the best use of the volunteer time!  THANKS! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calling the saints....

We're making progress and are nearing completion!  However... WE NEED HELP!!! 

Saturday, October 29, we're shouting out for helpers.  We are in the final stages and will be doing some heavy duty cleaning to get ready for the final stages of carpet.  So... if you can clean, dust, sweep, touch up paint, run a roller, etc. we'd LOVE to have a big group to get us through the final stretch. 

Saturday October 28 - 8:00 a.m. til ?? 

November 4 & 5 - we will begin laying carpet squares.  Many hands will make light work.  We need some skilled people that can help lead a smaller crew of 3-4 people and ensure we stay "square"  We also need people to help (by being the crew of 3-4 with a leader)  We promise praise music and snacks :-)

6 - 10 Friday night
7-?? Saturday 

November 11 & 12 - we're anticipating it will take at least 2 weekends - 1 for upstairs and another for downstairs.... 
6-10 Friday Night
7-?? Saturday

What do you need to do if you want to help?  Just email us at and let us know when you will be able to be there.  We can then have work prepared ahead of time. 

If you forget to e-mail or find yourself available at the last minute, just show up! 

and now.... Some before and during photos! 

Upstairs before we started

The Main Floor before we started.  (Hard to believe now!) 

The upstairs kitchen area before

Our Logo in wood.... 

This is the stage in the main room... 

More of the stage.

Our FAVORITE doors upstairs in the kitchen

Looking from the stage back in the main room.  You see smaller prayer rooms and the entrace

Primed cupboards and painted walls in the kitchen.  Cupboards are black now:-) 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome HOME

May these words start to be music to your ears....  We are SO excited to begin the process! 

H.O.M.E. is located in the back of the old Wal-Mart building, from behind Culvers all the way down to behind Season Buffet. 

We're in the process of building a "prayer room"/worship room, meeting rooms, climate controlled storage, and an upstairs area for children.  Much to do... 

 - The Acronym "HOME": House of Missions & Equipping
"House" - A house is the central dwelling place where family gathers. As such, the House of Missions and Equipping views itself as a place where the body of Christ can come together as a united family irrespective of the differences that so often drive us apart.
"Missions" - HOME has a vision for the advancement of the good news of Jesus Christ and the extension of the Kingdom of God in our community and the broader world. HOME seeks to partner with like-minded organizations and churches for this great cause.
"Equipping" - HOME has a vision to see the body of Christ walk in health and maturity. This entails helping the Church grow both in understanding its identity in Christ and in how the Spirit provides the church with everything it needs to walk in the way of Jesus as we seek to fulfill the mission he has given us.

 Can I be a part of what HOME is seeking to accomplish?
Absolutely!!  If the vision of the House of Missions and Equipping resonates in your heart, we would love for you to partner with us in seeing this vision come to fruition. The House of Missions and Equipping is still very much in its infancy stages. Much is yet to be done, and we would love the help of all those who feel called to join with us in this work!! We have a space that is waiting to be transformed - now we simply need the hands and feet to partner with us in the work of transformation.

We are looking for volunteers on Satruday's to help clean, prep for painting, etc.  If you want to help, we can keep several people busy.  Feel free to contact:

Kraig Bleeker
Matt DeJager
Tony Keahi
Andy Riskedahl
Tom Sandbulte
Greg Schut
Lyle Schut

More info. will be posted here, including a schedule of when we need volunteers...  Can't wait to see you at HOME!