Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Prayer Boards

On the west wall of our Prayer Room, we have added prayer request boards and prayer guides!

If you have a prayer request--no matter how big or small--we would love to join in prayer for you! We have two boards for two categories: Community (Prayer for something/someone local) and World (prayer for something/someone NOT local) Maybe you're wondering what exactly is the point of a prayer request--can't you simply pray the prayers on your own? Are the prayers more important to God if more people pray them? I don't think it works that way, but I DO know that God LOVES community & relationships. He loves it when His people come and join together in unity. Presenting prayer requests to each other and praying with and for one another allows us to humble ourselves, set aside our differences, and come before His throne as the Body of Christ.

Please don't believe the lie that your prayer request isn't important enough--anything that is on your heart is worth lifting up to the Father. Consider it that you're doing US a favor by allowing us to unite as a community to pray for you. You're helping us build up the Body of Christ!

So please come to HOME to add your requests to the board. (If you don't make it in very often, you can also e-mail us your prayer request and we will get it on the board for you!) While you're there, you can check out other requests that are on the board AND you can grab a prayer guide that will help you in prayer & intimacy with Jesus. Our Father is so kind to us to give us His Word that TELLS us what to pray for. These guides highlight different verses throughout the Bible that we can pray back to God. Check out a few of the posts below for more about prayer. (A Delightful Promise & Pray Ten Times More )

Hope to see you soon!

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